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July 1st, 2019


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Welcome to the press kit of Minos Touch!

Here you will find any information you may need to get informed about the game Minos Touch. If you need additional information about the game (or if you need the same information in a different format) don’t hesitate to contact us at info@lastboss.games and we’ll be happy to make them available.

The Game

"How will you handle it as the Judge of Hell? Learn the Minos Touch and put yourself to the test!"

Minos Touch is a fast-paced casual game for Android, lovingly hand-crafted to give a unique audio-visual experience. You play as Glaukus, son of the legendary King Minos, and your role is to sort all the sinners of the Underworld by making the right move at the right time. Swipe them, tap them, shake them... but be sure to perform the correct move for each sinner, within the time limit!


  • Character are dinamically-generated, to ensure a different and unique adventure every time!
  • 4 different levels to unlock: The Grid (Practice stage), Lava Land, Devilish Swamp and Eternal Ice.
  • 14 secret historical sinners to unlock: Nero, Vlad III, Crassus, Ivan the Terrible, Cain, and much more!
  • Exclusive bonus and power-ups to complete the missions and beat every record.
  • A great rock soundtrack will be with you throughout the game!
  • Google Play Services: several Missions to complete and Leaderboards to challenge friends!

Distinguishing Marks

  • All the characters with which the player interacts are dynamically created, drawing from a varied set of somatic traits (hair, eyebrow, eyes, nose, mouth, face shape, etc.), to give life to a very large number of possible combinations and ensure a gaming experience as varied as possible for each game. Minos Touch - Dynamically generated characters


The protagonist of the story is Glaukus, Minos’ favorite son, who was entrusted by his father with the arduous task of presiding over the throne of First Judge of the Underworld. Glaukus has a mission: he has to master the legendary ‘Minos Touch’, to sort out all the sinners of the Underworld and thus show everyone that he’s worthy of his new role.


During the game the player is faced with a series of characters (the ‘sinners’), carried to him by a conveyor belt. Each of these characters represents the embodiment of one of the seven deadly sins, with features which remind of the aforementioned sins: the Slothful are represented as sleeping characters with a column of "zzz" above their heads, the Lustful are naked, covered only by a fig leaf, the Envious have green skin, and so on. To proceed in the game, the player has to perform the correct move, associated with each type of sin, within the time limit.

To advance in the game, the player can use some power-ups, which allow him to increase the time limit or to temporarily activate an ‘autopilot’ function. The same power-ups can by activated by tapping on the chickens that randomly appear on the screen, hidden amongst of a flock little devils.


Minos Touch - Android Trailer (YouTube)


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About LastBoss Games

LastBoss Games is a project by Fabrizio Ciamprone, a video game enthusiast grown up with 80-90's arcade games who aims to create interesting and original games.


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